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You must include a brief description/summary about your clan including a proper title. Don't just post a link with no information.
Don't hijack other peoples' threads, posting on someone's clan thread should be only related to that clan.
You may bump your topic once every 12 hours.
You are allowed to bring your clan members here to post in your thread, but don't use your recruitment thread as a chit-chat discussion thread. That's not what it's for (although regular replies are fine).
If you're going to post in your recruitment thread, make sure it's based on clan updates or events. These count towards the 12-hour bump rule.
Keep it clean.
Failure to follow any of the rules will result in infractions and/or bans.

-Area 1- Basics-
-Section 1- In the Field -
1. A Non-Commissioned Officer and below should never talk over an Officer when an Officer is talking.
2. When an Officer is away the NCO on duty should always take over the Officers position.
3. If any higher ranking officer is on duty and is not away, NCO's and below should give out orders unless the officer has told you to do so.
4. When an Officer has given out an order(s) the recipient(s) should follow the order(s) and fast and orderly and possible.
5. If a recipient(s) of a order(s) does not follow the order correctly, the officer has the right to disipline the recipient(s) with a suitable punishment.
6. If an officer or NCO knifes a lower ranking person(s) then shoots a particular area, the recipient(s) should go there as orderly and as fast as possible.
7. When a match starts no one should enter any vehicle unless told so by an officer.
8. When in combat you should never go anywhere alone regardless of rank.
9. In combat the medic is the 2nd most important asset and should be treated as such.
10. When told to be a certain class by an Officer the recipient(s)must fallow the order on the spot!
11. The question "What Are We Doing" [WAWD] or "When Will We Start" [WWWS] are no longer allowed before a scenario.The scenario will be explained in full before the operation begins.
12. If you are killed by a teammate or enemy you are not allowed to take revenge.
-Section 2- Party mode and Private Chat-
1.No excessive loud music.
2. Even in a party you must listen to all of your officers and NCO's, and do as they so just as in on the field.
3. If an Officer invites you to a private chat, and you are in the party, join ASAP.
4. Be respectful at all times in party mode or you will be punished.
5. No excessive talking, or yelling.
-Section 3- General-
1. Never ask for a promotion.
2. To be a offical member you must sign up at the website.
3. Never just put your mic down, just say "I'll be right back"
4. When recruting we would like it if at all possible please make the age at least 13 or older.
5. Before adding anything to the clan you must ask ETOAxG3n Smil3y and ITF SAS LEGEND
6. An officer meeting must be held before adding anything or making anything to the clan.
7. Promotions and Demotions are to be handled by Officers.
8. If a Private has a complaint he must follow the chain of command.

9. If you no longer wish to be in the clan for any reason please do so in a respectfull manner and talk about it to an Officer,this is an exeption to chain of command.
10. If you are an older member please act mature

11. You can not be in another clans and this one at the same time.
12. No one can be kicked without the Vote of other poeple from the party.
-Area 2- Advanced-
-Section 1- In The Field-
1. If you are Caught team-killing without permission, you will be punished severely.
2. Only Officers are allowed to team-kill, if team-killed by an Officer you should stop what you are doing. the next measure will be a demotion or get kicked.
-Section 2- General-
1. Sexual Comments or harassment are not allowed, but cussing is permitted just as you are not directing it towards any individual.
2. BCT (Basic Combat Training) will be done within the following 2 days of being recruited.
-Section 3- Leadership-
1. Leaders must be fair, no high punishments for small crimes.
2. To become a leader you have two main options. We see you doing better in all fields or you ask for an officer evaluation [OE] and we will put you though a scenario and test your skills as a leader.
3. Officers are not the only people who can set up things. NCO can as well.


Section 4

The ETOA Goal is to be a competitive and active Savage Clan.

The following rules apply to the entire clan. It is up to each member to stay up-to-date with the rules and the rules must be obeyed by all clan-members. Violation of these rules will result in severe punishment, and a possible kick or ban from the clan. Similarly, you may also be removed entirely from the forums and website. Don't be a jerk, and ETOA will always be happy to have you on our team.


The UNSC depends on communication to be successful. During practice and or matches you are required to keep comms. quiet unless application of relevant nature (we do not need to hear that the guy who just shot you is a camper). All events to include but are not limited to: Meetings, Scrims, Matches, practices, discussions and even disagreements will be posted on the "EVENTS" section of the top menu. You can select the full CAG calender by either clicking on this link or by clicking on the mini calender to the lower left of the home page. Once in the Calender you can further acquire detail by clicking on the event its self. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE GOING TO RESPOND TO AN EVENT THE PROPER PROTOCOL IS TO SIMPLY PUT "REPORTING" IN THE COMMENTS OF THE EVENT. BY SELECTING TO ADD "REPORTING" YOU ARE CONFIRMING YOU WILL ATTEND THAT EVENT. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING ELSE. WE DO NOT WANT A DISCUSSION IN THE EVENTS COMMENTS. IT IS USED FOR THE AUTHORS TO BE INFORMED OF WHO THEY CAN COUNT ON. If you select to add "REPORTING" you must attend the event.

Rules/ Requirements - Division:

Rules are applied at all times. Any violation will be submitted, investigated and recorded. Records will be used in the deciding of future punishable offenses as well as rank (promotion/ demotions). Please take these rules as serious as they sound. Rules are broken into Gaming Conduct and Personal accountability. Section PA. Violations carry higher punishment and will most likely result in Discharge from The 142nd Division. Section GCC. Violations will result in lesser punishment. But recorded and considered for all decisions made in your file through out your UNSCCareer.

Rules/ Section A1 Gaming Codes of Conduct

GCC A1. You must be willing to participate/ minimum and not limited to one day per week.
GCC A2. You must have a mic.
GCC A3. You must obey and follow orders when given by ranking members (please note:Members are not allowed to give stupid orders. For more info contact your CO's ).
GCC A4. When in any dispute with any other member to include but not limited to ranking members you must make official complaint to CO and or ranking member. All disputes, both personal and division are to be handled in a respectful manner. Failure to comply will result in punishment. (see below for punishment types).
GCC A5. If in violation and under disciplinary action, both verbal and or physical you must comply and complete without further obstruction. (see below for punishment types).
GCC A6. You will, without question show the respect of both fellow members, recruits and ranking members.
GCC A7. You will not, under any circumstances communicate in a non respectful fashion to both other Clans and or other Clan members. (Please note: If under offense from other gamer's you will direct to ranking member).
GCC A8. You will not, under any circumstances initiate, challenge and or accept a challenge from other Clans and or Clan members. Any challenges are to be directed to ranking member where they will be turned into SA/ JCO.
GCC A9. You will not share any information on tactics, game play, membership and or strategy of The ETOA CAG.
GCC A10. You will accept all friend requests from other members of The UNSC.
GCC A11. You will (if not in game with previously arranged sessions) accept both invites and or party invites.
GCC A12. You will not interfere practices and or matches if you were not selected for a specific combat squadron. If you enter a party unknowingly you must remain quiet unless the CO asks for assistance between parties.
GCC A13. During matches, you will continue fighting until CO officially reports retirement of match. (example: match is set for best 2 out of 3. Your team wins first two. You are to continue playing your best through the third match). Our War Records tracks each match. It is important that we do our best to win all three to improve our own over all record.
GCC A14. You are responsible for and must maintain your own avatar. It must reflect current rank at all times.

Rules/ Section A2 Person(s) and Accountability

PA A1. Under no circumstances will any acts, remarks, comments and or jesters made on text (to include any text communications) or verbal (to include any voice activated communications) racism be tolerated. You act on your own account. Any complaints will be officially investigated.
PA A2. Character accountability. You will be held 100% responsible for any offenses made if they include but are not limited to the following: Race, Age, Gender, Self provided information (use of provided personal details should be respected at all times). If you decide to make any comments toward someone or in the presence of someone (to include all texts) you run, yourself the risk of offence to another member.

All investigations will have an appointed person(s) of no connection. Evidence and witnesses may be called in to determine legitimacy of account.
By joining this Division you here by agree to all rules and accountability written. If you have any questions and or concerns make them known to Division Recruitment Officer immediately.
For more details and or any questions regarding The UNSC rules please ask your ranking Officer(s).

Punishment for offenses.

Loss of rank.
Suspension (from The UNSC scheduled game play).
Loss of Title.
Award strip
Honorable discharge (asked to leave).
Dis honorable Discharge (kicked from Clan).


"When I die, please bury me deep! Place an MA5 down by my feet! Don't cry for me, don't shed a tear! Just pack my box with PT gear! 'Cuz one early morning 'bout zero five! The ground will rumble, there'll be lightning in the sky! Don't you worry, don't come undone! It's just my ghost on a PT run!"
— UNSC Marching Song

"They're the best of the best, but they're only human."

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