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Recon Sniper School

Welcome to the 23rd Naval Regiment Sniping School

What is a Sniper? *

1. Basic: “A sniper is a marksman who shoots targets from concealed positions, at distances exceeding the capabilities of regular personnel. Snipers
typically have specialized training and distinct high-precision rifles.”

2. Marine Corps: “The most sacred role of a Scout Sniper. A Marine highly skilled in field craft and marksmanship who delivers long-range, precision fire at selected targets from concealed positions in support of combat operations.”

3. Army: “The primary mission of an Army Sniper is to support combat operations by delivering precise long-range fire on selected targets. By this, the sniper creates casualties among enemy troops, slows enemy movement, frightens enemy soldiers, lowers morale, and adds confusion to their operations.”

4. Navy: “SEAL sniper is to support combat operations by delivering precision fire on selected targets from concealed positions. SEAL snipers are trained on how to select and maintain a position. This is because a well-hidden sniper is far more effective than a badly-hidden sniper, even if the latter is a better shot.“

Student Rules
1. You will communicate at all times.
2. You will follow Instructor's directions.
3. You will respect instructor and other students.
4. You will follow Team Leader's directions. (This builds teamwork.)
5. You will lead the team, when given the position of Team Leader.
(Position is rotated among the students. This builds teamwork.)

his is directly out of the "Battlefield 3 official game guide, DICE reviewed and approved." Page 26, RECON class:
"The sniper rifles offered by this kit require the greatest amount of skill and patience of any weapon type, and are best reserved for players willing to put in the practice to master them."

Sniper School
1. What?
a. For soldiers to become an effective sniper
b. Provide strategic Sniping tips and training on specific targets.
c. Practice with a Spotter.

2. How?
a. Basic fundamentals – Equipment.
b.Intermediate fundamentals – Techniques.
c. Advanced fundamentals – Specific Targets / Two Man Sniper Team.

3. Why?
a. Improve Long Range Sniping skills.
b. Kill and demoralize the enemy for the win.
c. Improve the Long Range Sniper (The Snipers You Hate) reputation*

* (“Campers” is the stereo type name given to gamer snipers, by those who do not understand the purpose of Long Range Snipers and the
purpose of playing any game. Play as you like, play for fun. Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game.)

School Course
1. There are Three Levels of training. (See course curriculum.)
2. No more than Four Student Snipers per class. (Two Sniper Teams - Alpha & Bravo)
3. Training Sessions are 1 to 2 Hours long, for one week. (Depends on students, course can be shorter)
4. There will be a five minute break every thirty minutes or when necessary. (Depends on students)
5. Student will need a computer near them during class. There will be class material handouts for students to review.

Practice Sessions
During this course the Student…
a. Will play matches with no intentions of winning or losing. (Live practice sessions)
b. Will have private school sessions, so there will be no interuptions from enemies. (If servers are available)
c. Will have live server sessions, with many interruptions from the enemy trying to kill us, during sessions. (Put your skills to practice)

Course Curriculum
1. Level 1 Beginner (Required, so all students are on the same understanding of equipment & terminology)
a. M89B: Action / Range / Ammo / Bullet
b. 12x Scope: Range Marking (meters) / Glare / Scope Sway & breath
c. Long Range Shooting: Purpose / Stealth / Patience
d. Spotting: Purpose / Limits / Priority
e. Game Controller: Speed settings / Sticky controls / Mic Communication & chatter
f. The student school spotter: purpose / how to / rotate responsibility

2. Level 2 Intermediate (Must complete Level 1 Beginner)
a. Accessories: Bipod / Pull Bolt / Suppressor / squad ammo / squad suppression rounds / squad cover
b. Spotting: The compass / Team Communications / Communications Terminology
c. Marker Beacon / Sensors: Location (concealment) / Near (spotted) / Far (deploy/decoy)
d. Long Range Shooting: Cover & concealment / Target priority / Counter Sniping
e. 12x Scope: Range Marking (leading) / Leading (two techniques) / Judging Distance

3. Level 3 Advanced (Must complete Level 1 Beginner and Level 2 Intermediate)
a. 12x Scope: Range Marking (specific) / Glare concealment / Sniper Spotter (practice)
b. Long Range Targets: Conquest Maps / Sniper Locations / Specific targets
c. Long Range Shooting: Patience / Trigger Timing / Escape routes
d. Demoralizing The Enemy: Why / When / How
e. Two Man Sniper Team: Snipers rotate positions, from match to match.
i. Position 1 – Leader (planner) / First shot / Long Range shooter (specific targets)
ii. Position 2 – Sentry (backup) / Second shot / Long Range shooter (specific targets)

Message: G3 SGT SMIL3Y on XBL for more info

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